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JetBlue Captain Clayton Osbon and Medical emergancy Flight Crew Jet lag

JetBlue Captain Clayton Osbon and Medical emergancy Flight Crew Jet lag
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Posted: 04-10-2012 11:58:29
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While TSA is checking your trousers looking for "terrorists" our flight crews often operate with little or broken sleep putting us all at risk. Airline flight crews are Flight Crew stress a greater risk than terrorism.

TSA rather than squeezing your equipment or selecting and irradiating your "cute" wife for "random" AIT inspection could be checking tons of cargo under your feet. Congress asked for this in 2005, we are still waiting... Six tons of unchecked cargo on board are a larger risk than 3 oz of breast milk for some hungry baby. TSA needs to stay on task and do real security work behind the scene or be phased out, let the private airlines handle security.

There was a medical emergency over Texas, caused by a pilot – a Flight Standards captain. JetBlue Airways Capt. Clay Osbon, flying Flight 191 from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to Las Vegas, began moving up and down the aisle ranting, according to several passengers, about Iraq, Israel, al-Qaida and bombs, calling on passengers to recite the Lord’s Prayer, saying that they were “all going down." 

Background of Captain Osbon

While we can't into the mind of Captain Osbon, the good captain has been flying for decades. He is a public speaker, member of the National Rifle Association, the Aircraft Owners and Pilot Associations, the Experimental Aircraft Association and the Georgia Sheriffs Association.  He obtained two Bachelors of Science degrees in the 1980s; one in Physics from Carnegie Mellon University and one in Aeronautical Physics from Hawthorne College. Before he joined Jetblue, he flew Gulfstream IV's for Net Jets all over the world. In short, he was very qualified and experienced the kind of person you want at the controls.

Many Flight Crews have Jet Lag

Many flight crews are often required to keep crazy hours, lack of sleep is unfortunately common to the trucking and airline industry.[13] The Airlines will not publicly address this very real issue. You know yourself a lack of sleep makes you irritable.[3] Get up at the crack of dawn to the catch the "red eye" the flight crew is getting the plane ready, filing flight plans, checking weather, etc.... long before you arrive.  They don't call it the "red eye" for nothing, you know yourself a lack of sleep makes you irritable.[3]  The crew may have got in late the night before from a different time zone staying in a local hotel. Don't think for a moment that flight crews don't suffer from jet lag.  Red eye

 Long term lack of sleep sufferers can go on to develop chronic fatigue syndrome, which causes overwhelming tiredness, poor concentration, irritability and depression - similar to permanent jet lag. Less than eight hours' sleep a night can lower IQ the next day, while working night shifts increases the risk of diabetes, ulcers and divorce. And researchers at the University of Surrey have found that upsetting the body clock can keep levels of glucose and fat in the blood dangerously high after a meal. Many do this for years working to build hours surprising this does not happen more often. It also goes to show the level of skill and professionalism of our flight crews in spite of often difficult conditions.

Washington's contradictory US foreign policy puts all at greater risk.

We have been hoodwinked into most of the wars for the last 100 years, Iraq being no exception. Remember the yellow cake and the WMDs that were never found as the pretext for the Iraq war.[4] Now Israel has been working to pressure the US into a new war to bomb Iran's nuclear reactors. This insane plan would only spread radiation all over the middle east. This would be a real WMD!DC-question-mark

Washington's contradictory foreign policy puts all Americans at greater risk by creating more enemies when none existed before.  Washington's policy perhaps influenced from lead poisoning induced brain damage from DC's drinking water.[1] Flight crews are effectively front line non-combatant's potential targets from the mal policy blow back that Dr. Ron Paul has warned us about. DC helps to create an unstable world putting crews at greater risk, ties the Captains hands with conflicting regulations, mostly written by people that have never flown a plane. Then if something goes wrong, blame the flight crew more specifically the captain. When the system fails, the crew is often charged with some obscure regulation infraction.  The captain has a huge responsibly, with hands tied with contradictory regulations, is  paid a small salary and is ultimately responsible.  

Staged Terror Attacks Puts Crew and Passengers at Risk

Prior to December 2009 only about forty of the Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) or at that time called Whole Body Scanner (WBS) were iScanner-cashn service. The public was not happy with the strip search and radiation issues Congress was ready to phase out the trial. Then out of the blue Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is helped aboard Delta Flight 23 with a defective bomb as reported by InfoWars.com told by eyewitness Kurt Haskell. [7] The scanner program was saved, hundreds of scanner systems ready for installation in January and February 2010 were shipped. Congress has done something. Stimulus money was spent; "security" people were promoted all is well in the empire. The five "official" versions of the events leave thinking people wondering what really happened. This dangerous "security theater" was used to sell scanners to a frightened congress and the pubic.[8] I can assure you many airline captains discussed this mysterious event of 23 December 2009 around the water cooler. 

 Abdulmutallab with Mr. Haskell as a witness in his defense at the last minute mysteriously pleads guilty to Conspiracy to damage an aircraft? The conspiracy charge implies more than one person to this author's knowledge no others were convinced. Without a trial, we perhaps will never really know what happened. [9] 

The TSA misses another dead line... 

 Air cargoSeven years later after irradiating tens of millions of people we are still waiting for ALL the cargo be checked.  Years ago (2005) Congress tasked the TSA with screening 100 percent of the tons of cargo and packages under your feet. [5] A truly worthy mission and task of TSA to promote air safety. Well, they missed the 31 Dec 2011 dead line again.    This issue is perhaps the  thousand-pound elephant in the room if you will.  [6] But they have resources to search ninety five-year-old women and pat down four-year-old children? And have missuses powerful scanners to "randomly" scan cute women multiple times. [5] The captain is flying tons of unscreened cargo while TSA is robbing, molesting and harassing his customers about scissors or mothers with 3 oz of milk for her baby. This would make any thinking person mad! People FED up with airport harassment have stopped flying airlines are forced to respond with reduced pay and less staff putting more pressures on crews.

Congress clears the way for unmanned drones

Not like the captain has much stress or responsibility Congress has now added dodging  Unmanned drones or UAVs to his job title. Unmanned drones have been flying in our airspace for years putting flight crews and the public at risk adding to pilot stress.[2] Put yourself in the Captains shoes perhaps short on sleep, responsible for the safety of hundreds of people, scanning the sky for drones and other planes. He/she must know the minute inter workings of the plane. Coolly, and quickly respond to any sort of mechanical, electrical or weather that may arise.  We don't need UAVs looking in our windows or putting flyers in danger.

17 May 2012 Update  Drone near collision with private jet over Denver Colorado

A unmanned drone nearly cause a plane crash near centennial airport just south of Denver Colorado.  While DC threatened Texas with a no fly zone over Texas last year if TSA has not given un fettered access to your pants. Congress opens the doors for spy drones to fly over our heads for months some nuclear powered.[16]  The US and  Russia have been launching atomic satellites for nearly 50 years some having spread plutonium-235 over huge areas and causing lung cancer for many.  Similar to the insane use of depleted uranium (DU) in many US munitions is a health risk to millions.


Nuclear powered drones being deployed

Just when you think, things could not get crazier the Airfare is flying unmanned nuclear reactors over your head.[10] Never mind the  thirty plus nuclear-powered satellites who have or will re-entered the atmosphere and rain radioactive debris on the Earth. [11][12] This dangerous equipment will fail and may land in your backyard. Weapon's testing, industrial accidents, reactor releases over use of medical and security radiation all adds to our exposure. At the same time x-ray emitting trucks are on our streets, sport venues, searching us our cars and trucks for WMD's? [15]  

Flying Medical EmergencyRed cross

With many flight crews working variable flight schedules due to last minute canceled flights caused in part from the bad economy and the fear of the treatment from federal airport security.  Crews often overnight in different time zones, sleep in strange hotels deal with the hassle to get to and from airports all add to stress and poor quality sleep.   Sort of a perpetual jet-lag making some crew irritable  

Millions are driving to avoid the blue gloves and radiation.  An off-duty pilot in the cabin went to the cockpit to help the copilot with the emergency landing, while passengers and crew subdued Osbon. Osbon, who’d been with JetBlue almost since its founding, was taken to the hospital, suspended with pay, then criminally charged with interfering with a flight crew.  What happened was a medical emergency perhaps too much coffee, uppers/downers, little sleep, stress can lead people to snap.

Military Pilots On Speed

The military often expects super human performance of our active military pilots are some times expected to fly many missions back to back.  Pilots are encouraged to "voluntary" take amphetamines to be "flight ready." To substantiate this, Air Force spokespeople note that the "informed consent" form signed by pilots who receive Dexedrine mentions the voluntary nature of the program no fewer than seven times. However, the form also notes that the pilot can be grounded for exercising his right not to imbibe.Red Blue Pill

"To be grounded -- taken off flight status -- is very damaging to any pilot's career," said Maj. Glenn MacDonald, a retired Air Force officer and editor-in-chief of MilitaryCorruption.com.[14] "The USAF was coercing its pilots to possibly become drug addicts and endangering their health.   "The Pentagon spin machine will try and tap dance around that, but it is a damning fact."

Many military pilots transition to work for our airlines, and would carry over habits to the private sector.  Amphetamines however, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency, serious potential side effects include psychotic behavior, depression, anxiety, fatigue, paranoia, aggression, violent behavior, confusion, insomnia, auditory hallucinations, mood disturbances and delusions.  

Airport Security System is for show 

However, just getting to your airplane these days may present a greater risk to your health than the "terrorist."  New airport security screening technology, primarily backscatter X-ray devices, are medical procedures with out consent come under increased scrutiny, as their effectiveness is questioned amid concerns that the radiation exposure will cause cancer. Adding to health concerns are both the graphic nature of the images captured, essentially nude photos of every person passing through the machine, and the aggressive – and for some, humiliating – nature of the alternative to the scans, the “enhanced pat-down” by a Transportation Security Administration agent.  

Solutions Demand Real Security

If we are going to have security we should shift from checking for forbidden objects to behind the seen investigate more like Amtrack.  When the security procedure health risk is equal to or greater than the hazard we are trying to avoid we need to evaluate what we are doing.  Passengers will not tolerate on board disturbances, pilots given the tools to defend the cockpit.

Pressure the Airline and Trucking Industry address the sleep issue. 

We hope Captain Osbon get well and is returned to duty when he is ready.  Millions of travelers have taken to the road to avoid the airport radiation and blue glove gauntlet it is estimated about 500 will be killed avoiding TSA.  Tired truckers and travelers will result in many unfortunate and needless deaths.  Please stop frequently travel rested, have a safe trip.

Jeff Buske,  CTO Rocky Flats Gear USA manufacture of radiation protective products.


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