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Men's Trunk Boxer Radiation Blocker Fig Leaf

Men's Trunk Boxer Radiation Blocker Fig Leaf
Trunk Boxer with radiation shield.  Our products offers true 4th amendment protection not just decoration, be confident your jewels are safe and not on display.  Other clever decorative metal ink copycat products have appeared but, offer little or no protection can actually increase the x-ray dose to the skin from a process called x-ray florescence.  We are committed to offering real protection and privacy.
  • Wear every day to block natural and man-made radiation protect the family jewels
  • Use for extended air travel cosmic rays and protect from airport scanners.
  • Protect from increased radiation while flying or living at high altitudes.
  • Blocks/diminish Alpha and Beta radiation.
  • Blocks/diminish T-Wave/Terahertz radiation from remote strip cameras.
  • Blocks/diminish X-ray/gamma radiation from backscatter x-ray machines.
  • True 4th Amendement protection
  • Proudly made in USA 
  • Color Black, Gray or white White with Green Fig Leaf shield Made in USA
  • Size 28-30" 71-76 cm small to 44-46" 111-115 cm 2xlarge
  • Care:Wash Cold chlorine free bleach
  • Weight:4 Oz( 0.11 kg)
Weight 0.35 lbs
Market price: $27.33
Our price: $24.33
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Amputees worry about airport security screening health risk
Amputees worry about airport security screening health risk
Category: News (English)
Posted: 05-27-2011 20:30:33
Views: 1883
Comments: 0

Amputees worry about airport security screening health risk.  

People with prosthetic limbs complain about the CastScope, a screening device, that uses backscatter X-ray technology to identify security threats concealed in a prosthetic, cast or bandage. They are correctly concerned about radiation exposure, the length of time it takes to be screened and a lack of qualified personnel operating the devices.

Airport Back-scatter Scanner Dose Explained
Airport Back-scatter Scanner Dose Explained
Category: Articles(English)
Posted: 04-19-2011 01:18:02
Views: 3393
Comments: 0

Much mystery and controversy still surrounds the airport security dose.  X-rays are short wavelength high energy photons that occupy the upper region of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Terahertz/mm-wave scanners use radiation below visible and just above microwaves.

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